BS Rotor Technic


SME Partner

The BS Rotor Technic Group of companies is certified by Germanischer Lloyd for the inspection, servicing and repair of rotor blades on wind turbines.

With several years of experience with the world's largest rotor blade manufacturer, we can utilize our technical knowledge and expertise in the service and repair of rotor blades.

The wind turbine rotor blade aerodynamic condition is where we focus our expertise. Erosion of the leading edge and surface coating damage can allow the elements to rapidly damage the layers of lamination. Important criteria when assessing the state of rotor blades are cracks in the trailing profile.

The occurrence of such cracks can be an indication of high structural load.

Contaminate build of dirt, oil and bug residue can decrease the efficiency of the wind turbine. Restoring the Performance of your rotor blades will increase the longevity, and maintain efficiency to maximize power production.

Inspections, surface coatings, and minor damage repairs will prevent unscheduled turbine shutdowns, increase the life of the rotor blades, and restore the performance of your wind turbine resulting in lower O&M costs.

Whether you are an OEM, wind farm operations and maintenance company, or wind farm owner, BS Rotor Technic is committed to be a long-term competent partner in all matters relating to your wind turbine.