Brunel University (UK)


RTD Partner

The overall mission of Brunel University and in particular of the Brunel Innovation Centre (UBRUN) is to establish a world class research centre focusing on acoustic waves and allied technologies covering sensors, electronics and software systems. UBRUN aims to develop a financially sustainable, research capability, drawing on Brunel’s existing strengths, to complement and underpin research and development activities in the field of sensors and instrumentations. It provides a focus for the conduct of research and development, the training of students, the sharing of access to facilities and the transfer of research outcomes to industrial collaborators. UBRUN is one of the top research centres in Brunel. 95% of academics in the Brunel’s School achieved international standard, with 100% achieving this level in General engineering (based on the 2008 UK Research Assessment Exercise). The published results of the RAE2008, which placed General Engineering at Brunel in the 5th position in the UK in terms of research power, have shown the quality and volume of the department’s research output which has contributed to over 50% of the RAE submission (UoA25) in both research man-power and profile. The last quarter was also a remarkably active and successful period for Engineering research centres in terms of conducting funded research work particularly to EU FP7 framework programme and attracting over £5M worth of research grants from both the EPSRC and the REA in the field of sensors, instrumentations and telecommunications. UBRUN has a strong international track record in the numerical modelling and experimental design (design of experiments) in the areas of ultrasonic transducer modelling, design and implementation.